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About Us

Shippie is a data-driven delivery technology business founded by a team that wholeheartedly understands the headaches and issues that come with running modern commerce.

Our mission is to standardize same-day delivery, starting with the Greater Toronto Area.

With Amazon Prime speeds competing with consumer’s increasing convenience demands, We understand that speed is a given and believe all merchants and customers deserve a more reliable, simple, and transparent delivery experience.

In order to realize our goal of modernizing and consolidating logistical processes, we are leading the charge on developing delivery service provider (DSP) software solutions.

Take a look at our Journey +
February 2021
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Shippie Launches Last-Mile Service in the GTA
March 2021
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Shippie Expands Services to Hamilton
October 2021
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Shippie Opens Multi-warehouse Operations
January 2022
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Shippie Expands to South Durham & North Halton
March 2022
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Shippie Expands to Mid York
Coming Soon
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Expansion to Waterloo

We Are

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Mission First

Standardizing same-day delivery

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Forward Thinking

Future value today, all for the greater good

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Transparent & Reliable

Our standard to build trust and deliver more

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Going Green

Deliveries by EV vehicles by 2025

Driven by our values

When you mix a group of individuals who deeply care for others and recurring problems, you get Shippie. We pride ourselves in delivering everything exceptional. We noticed many inefficiencies in the logistics industry and set out to solve these problems. So never hesitate to reach out! Things aren't always sunshine and rainbows with Shippie, we aim to deliver more of those and some pots of gold

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