Benefits of using Shippie

November 30, 2022

Jax Zheng

E-commerce generates over $2 billion in Canada and $4.23 trillion globally. There is little doubt that everyday fast delivery develops, produces, and transfers a large number of items. Therefore, e-commerce shipping is now more crucial than ever in the current world. as our lives increasingly involve more and more online shopping. Let's look at the e-commerce shipping options that Shippie provides.

On-Demand Shipping

Express delivery and on-demand delivery are more common than ever. Prime delivery is available on major online merchants' websites like Amazon and others, but new choices are continually emerging. In major urban areas like Toronto, same-day and next-day delivery are becoming increasingly prevalent. The simplicity and adaptability of these types of delivery choices for e-commerce delivery are becoming more and more commonplace among customers.

Seamless 24/7 Shopping and Prime/Instant Delivery

The days of having to wait a specific number of days for your product to be dispatched are long gone. The use of same-day, overnight, and instant deliveries will spread across Toronto until everyone is utilizing them. People may now purchase online from anyplace. On their phone, in an Uber, a bus, a train, or an airplane. In order to match expectations, we must provide smooth delivery to clients that purchase around-the-clock.

Customer Centric 

We at Shippie believe the customer journey is of utmost importance, which is why we developed our customer service team to be fully equipped to handle any issues that arise during deliveries. We know that as a delivery service we are a direct reflection of your brand, which means our service standards must reflect those of our clients. We are acutely aware that having a fantastic delivery experience will increase customer retention and repeat customers. At Shippie, we fully believe that no matter the stake holder, they must receive the highest standards of service available. 

Express Delivery, More Options, and Online Shopping

We built Shippie with the present (and future) demands of consumers and clients in mind because purchasing from anywhere is the norm and people demand fast, reliable delivery. We provide the most reliable same-day delivery services so that consumers are always happy with their online purchases. 

Consider utilizing Shippie in Toronto if you want reliable services. Our technology is continually being iterated upon with our clients needs and desires in mind, and we regularly review feedback with our clients to ensure we are solving the problems that really matter. As a result, we will continue to lead the last-mile sector in Canada. Shippie is your go to last-mile provider for all your local deliveries!