Building Customer Retention and Brand Loyalty (E-commerce)

October 19, 2022

Jeff Tseng

As an e-commerce business owner, increasing customer retention and building brand loyalty are among the biggest challenges that we face. If you can build a loyal customer base around your business, ensuring its success will no longer be a challenge but a matter of size and scale. There are multiple approaches available for you to build brand loyalty and keep your existing customers from preying competitors.

Successful Shippie Clients

1. Improving your store experience

2. Improving your store products

3. Improving your delivery experience

1) Improving store experience includes making your store more user-friendly and providing great customer service. This process is consistently improved over time through data analysis, customer feedback, and reiteration. Looking at website analytics and listening to your customer feedback will help guide your store to a more intuitive and visually appealing platform. They will help you identify what is driving them away from certain actions. It can also help you come up with solutions to certain UI improvements which are blocking your conversions. Their problems will help you develop a readily available team equipped with the fastest and clearest responses, helping you evolve your customer service. This is where Startup slang can help your business. With a strong tech team and decades of combined experience, Startup Slang helps stores improve the entire website experience from the ground up.

2) Improving your store products is one of the harder approaches. Finding the best products at the best price with the right supply chain can be an extremely difficult and long process. It takes a lot of time reaching out to new suppliers and choosing the right products for your business, and it greatly varies based on your business.

3) Last of all, improving your store’s delivery experience can greatly impact your customer’s overall experience, making them return over and over again. The great thing about this method is it can be set up right away.

Shippie Delivery Man

Think back to the last time you ordered from an online store, didn’t you want it delivered as soon as possible? Didn’t you look for a faster alternative on Amazon? Trust me, your customers are doing the same thing. This is where Shippie can help your brand.

What exactly is Shippie?

Shippie is your delivery partner who provides the fastest delivery speeds at the best rate with outstanding customer experience. As a business owner, you need to constantly be updating your processes to satisfy your growing customer demands. Providing same-day delivery Is 50% of your user experience, and having the fastest, clearest and most reliable service can take your business to the next level.

Maybe your store has been forced to move online from COVID lockdown and regulations. Maybe you are just starting out and recently begun upgrading your store. Maybe you are an established business and simply want to provide your customers a better delivery experience. Your current options are limited, and the only services available charge you ridiculous prices and provides you with a poor experience. With large corporations like Amazon offering same-day and one-day shipping, It is almost impossible to keep up. Shippie’s primary mission is to equip your business with a fighting chance.

What tools does Shippie provide?

Shippie can help you deliver your products to your customers fast. With SMS notifications and live GPS tracking, both you and your customers know exactly where the package is every step of the way. The platform is simple and user-friendly, saving you precious time and hours of headache. There are dozens of merchants already using Shippie who have not only saved a lot of time and money but have seen explosive growth.

Shippie live GPS tracking on phone
Shippie live GPS Tracking

Shippie’s goal is to provide your business with an outstanding delivery experience. So outstanding that it grows your customer base, improves your customer retention, takes your brand loyalty to another level, and most importantly ensures your business success.

If you think these strategies will help grow your business, then adopt same-day delivery now and Impress your customers before it becomes a standard!