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Building the world's fastest & most efficient last-mile logistics network

Welcome to Shippie, your future-forward partner in revolutionizing the last mile of e-commerce logistics in North America.

At Shippie, we’re not just navigating the final stretch; we're redefining it. Our vision is to become THE last mile provider across the continent, transforming shipping into a verb synonymous with efficiency and reliability. Think of us as the Uber of e-commerce logistics, where "to Shippie" becomes the everyday term for shipping anything, anywhere, seamlessly.

Our  Mission

In a world where speed, innovation, and personalization define success, Shippie stands out by integrating thoughtful technological solutions with personalized client experiences.

We aim to be your all-in-one national logistics provider, making shopping quicker and easier for top retailers, shippers, and customers alike.

Through developing strong client relations, we bring efficient, innovative, and sustainable solutions to the forefront, simplifying and optimizing your last mile challenges.

Our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation ensures long-lasting solutions for all last-mile needs.

Value   Proposition

At Shippie, we promise speed (spirited), service (smart), and sustainability (seamless). Our approach is built around three pillars that define our excellence:

1. Speed of Deliveries: Ensuring your packages arrive swiftly and reliably.

2. Technological Solutions: Simplifying logistics through cutting-edge technology.

3. Focus on Client Relationships: Building lasting partnerships based on trust and transparency.

Our  Technology

Shippie integrates with the latest tehcnologies in AI and robotics to excel in operational efficiencies and streamline the last-mile industry. We are always looking for the next leg up in the logistics industry and are quick to experiment with cutting edge hardware.

Our proprietary operating software, Shippie OS (Orion), is designed to bring unprecedented ease and efficiency to logistics management. Shippie OS is at the heart of our operation, ensuring that every package moves through our network with precision and care.

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As we journey towards becoming the verb for shipping in North America, we invite you to experience the Shippie difference. Whether you're a retailer, shipper, or customer looking for a smarter way to manage the final mile, Shippie is your savvy shipping partner.

Ship it with Shippie! – because the most important mile is the final mile.