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Signature Release

Please read these signature release and conditions carefully before doing so

Release Conditions


Shippie Technologies provides a same-day delivery service that requires a signature to be obtained upon delivery of a shipment as evidence of receipt. However, the Recipient requires packages be delivered by Shippie Technologies to a designated locations(s) without a signature being obtained.
THEREFORE, FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual covenants contained herein, the parties hereto agree as follows:

A. The recipient agrees that Shippie Technologies may leave and release packages at the location designated in the delivery notes.

B. The recipient agrees that the issue by Shippie Technologies of a delivery receipt nothing the
designated location of delivery and the Release Number set out below shall constitute proof of delivery in accordance with the Recipient’s instructions.

C.The Recipient shall not hold Shippie Technologies liable for any loss or damage to packages so left or released and shall indemnify Shippie Technologies against and hold it harmless from all claims for liability, including any expenses related thereto, and further including any attorney’s fees or other litigation costs arising by reason of loss or damage to any packages handled by Shippie Technologies under the terms of this Agreement.

D. The recipient will not hold Shippie Technologies liable for failing to comply with any of these instructions in this Agreement.