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Affordable express shipping, no matter your business size

At Shippie, we are committed to making shipping fast, easy, and stress-free.
The last mile, is the most important mile, and we want your customers to experience the difference

An Unparalleled  Delivery Experience

Shippie runs on state-of-the-art logistics technology to provide same-day, next-day and standard delivery solutions, we are proud to offer the best customer experience in the industry at a competitive price.

How It  Works

1. Pack Orders

Fulfill your own orders at your stock's location

2. Request Pickup

Request a pickup from Shippie, or set a pickup schedule

3. Sort by Shippie

Once your order is picked up, it will be sorted at our facilities

4. Out for Delivery

After sortation, it will immediately be dispatched for delivery

5. Proof of Delivery

A picture proof of delivery will be provided, with signature on request

6. Delivered

Once delivered, you can always go back to view and track the delivery

Great Delivery Experience =  Repeat Customers

Most Brands working with Shippie see an increase in Sales and Repeat Customers.

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As we journey towards becoming the verb for shipping in North America, we invite you to experience the Shippie difference. Whether you're a retailer, shipper, or customer looking for a smarter way to manage the final mile, Shippie is your savvy shipping partner.

Ship it with Shippie! – because the most important mile is the final mile.

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