Barriers to Same Day Delivery

December 7, 2022
Jeff Tseng

Despite the rising significance of e-commerce in retail, delivery issues continue to plague traditional businesses. Companies continue to rely on sales from their brick-and-mortar locations to bolster their earnings. Giant corporations like Amazon are squeezing the life out of smaller e-commerce stores, and increased competition has significantly reduced sales for smaller retailers.

To adapt to the growing demands of consumers, leading e-commerce retailers are now providing customers the option for same-day deliveries. While same-day delivery is a consumer's fantasy, it can present several difficulties for e-commerce vendors. First off, not all small firms can afford the significant managerial and operational expenditures that are required. Because of this, finding a reliable partner for same-day delivery services is necessary.

What is Same-day delivery?

When an item is delivered the same day that the customer purchases it, this is referred to as same-day delivery. Faster order fulfillment is dependent on nearby distribution centers or stores' inventories.

Businesses may see a boost in conversions by providing same-day and next-day delivery, in-store pickup, and curb-side delivery options. As more customers make purchases online and fewer do so in stores, this omnichannel strategy is essential. Finding technological solutions that lower delivery costs without raising consumer pricing will be a challenge for many retailers and shipping logistics companies.

Here are a few other major delivery obstacles that prevent retailers and e-commerce owners from tackling the problem.

Orders with Minimal Planning:

Demand forecasting is one of the most difficult challenges for small companies that offer same-day delivery. Planning and maintaining proper inventory is difficult without data. Small firms with few employees can also find it difficult to pick and pack all orders in time.

Especially for startups, hiring a group of drivers or a fulfillment facility can be very expensive, time-consuming, and costly.

Poor Dispatching and Tracking Processes:

The majority of firms utilize dispatchers for planning these deliveries, however often fail to meet the deadlines.

Same-day delivery is not possible with outdated dispatching software or manual processes since there is not enough time to confirm the availability of the fleet. Same-day dispatching is both practically impossible and inefficient without automation.

Choosing Skilled Employees and Delivery Drivers:

Same-day delivery brings with it new procedures and staffing problems. To begin with, you need enough workers to pack, sort, and deliver. 

Reliable drivers that are dedicated to the business are extremely hard to find and often fall short of the drive necessary for same-day delivery. As your duties grow, you might need to raise your wage, which is difficult for any company.

Minimal Automation:

Without proper tech and automation, fast delivery will be a logistical nightmare. Without automation, same-day delivery cannot be achieved. Many cross-functional systems must be in place in order to deliver orders on time and within a single day. A few significant ones include automated dispatching and route optimization software which are a necessity for achieving same-day delivery. 


Same-day delivery is extremely challenging and was only possible in recent years due to technological advancements. In order for e-commerce owners to remain competitive, having fast delivery options is extremely important. Most companies that attempt to achieve same-day deliveries on their own fail for reasons due to financial, human resource, logistical, and technological. 

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